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Mission Statement

Our objective has been to build long-term, successful relationships with our business partners by striving for Excellence in everything we do. We aim to provide high quality products at the best price in the market, with fast and reliable service, always.


Core Values

We are compelled to the phrase, “What you see is what you get.” Thus, we aspire to become the recognized leader in the office equipment industry by being the most reliable and trustworthy source you have. In order to accomplish this, we have implemented the following standards in every aspect of our company:


Adding Value to Your Business
At Frontier Imaging, we are dedicated to helping you succeed. Our ultimate goal is to create a lasting partnership you can rely on to help your business grow.


Operating With Trust and Integrity
We guarantee to uphold the highest standards and to facilitate a transparent relationship, built on mutual trust and respect. We aim to foster a culture of unquestionable integrity that will percolate into every aspect of our business.


Responsiveness and Knowledgeable Service
We value your business and are committed to providing you quality and substantial savings. Promising to deliver exemplary customer service, we aim ensure our business partners receive prompt and dependable order fulfillment through a seamless process—minimizing your time, costs, and efforts.

Our Company

Frontier Imaging is a privately held parent company, headquartered in Southern California. Established in 1999 with just 5 employees, Frontier Imaging supplies consumables and parts for a comprehensive network of dealers/distributors in the copier, fax and printer supplies business. Today, we are one of the leading distributors of OEM and compatible products in North America and internationally, serving more than 60 countries, and growing! We also stock a vast selection of inventory, carrying over 14,000 SKUs. As part of our mission, our aim is to facilitate successful partnerships with our customers by committing to deliver high-quality, reliable products with exceptional service.


Understanding the changing dynamics of the business supplies industry, our staff is very adept to addressing the challenges of changing global market conditions. We have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in importing and exporting distribution that can provide expert advice and guidance to our customers, from dealing with international currencies to logistical support.


With two warehouse locations to ship from, a customer service line speaking English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, and several dialects of Chinese, and a wide selection of in-stock inventory to choose from, we make it simple for you to succeed. Let us be the vehicle driving your success. Let us be your One-Stop-Shop for all your imaging needs!